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Add 4 ounces to the pool weekly.

It has markings on the side of the bottle to determine exactly how much is 4 ounces.





This helps preserve the chlorine generating cell.

Apply 8 ounces weekly.






If you have a high pH, this means that the water is alkalinic and that
you need to add muriatic acid.  The pool store will always let you know how much acid if any is needed to add to the pool.

Always add the muriatic to the water; never add water to the acid!!

Generally add 2 cups at a time.

This is also what is used to clean the Turbo Cells.  You place the cap on one end of the turbo cell, fill 1/2 of the cell with pool water, then add acid.  Let sit for 45 minutes to clean it.

Remember, this acid can burn, so don't let it get on your skin or clothes.





Aqua Salt comes in 40 pound bags.  Can be purchased at ACE hardware.

The ideal salt concentration for the pool is between 2700 and 3400 ppm.



Bags of AquaSalt to Raise  to associated PPM
for a 15,000 Gallon Pool


1 Bag 300 PPM
2 Bags 600 PPM
5 Bags 1500 PPM
10 Bags 3000 PPM






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